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Gary Sanders

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06/17/15 12:24 PM #1    

Thomas Kelly

Gary was a life long friend of mine. He owned a 1956 Chevrolet station wagon (Nomad?) and a 427 Super Sport Chevrolet while in high school and shortly thereafter. I owned a few "hot rods" myself. We cruised Speedway together looking for drag races and babes. He was a frequent guest at several of the apartments I shared with Cruz Figeuroa and Tom Tucker.

Gary worked many years on the railroad and then became a hunting guide. He was a firearms enthusiat and owned dogs which he used for tracking/spotting game.

We spoke on the phone occassionally but, regrettably, I did not personally meet with him for a number of years.

Gary always enjoyed a good time, telling and laughing at good jokes and engaging in boisterious behavior with his friends.


R.I.P. Gary. You are missed 

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